30 Day Financing – Interest-Free Intelligent Use Of Credit and OPM

Credit cards allow anyone to have access to 30 days interest free financing. Pay off your balance every month and you have access to OPM, Other People’s Money. Actually, even if you don’t pay it off, you have the access, but along with added challenges, which we aren’t discussing here!

They say that using OPM is the way of the big investors, the wealthy. And you have the same opportunity on a small scale. If you can find opportunities that produce a return in a short period of time or require short-term ‘bridge financing’; you have that option of interest-free, with credit cards.

Do not allow yourself to rely on the monies for any extended period of time. This is short-term financing only. If you require funds for longer periods, other forms of financing must be secured.

The value of having cash in hand allows you to leverage this money to invest, purchase real estate or grow a business. Even start a business.

They say you need money to make money. Well, here’s a source of money. Be careful with it. Use it wisely and even cautiously. In some ways it may be too easy to access.

Have a clear picture of how you will spend the money. What level of risk you are taking and most importantly, your exit strategy. What will you do if something goes wrong, what is your contingency plan?

All that to say, you do have access to 30 days of interest-free money. Know the dates and work wisely around them.